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We offer farm fresh Blueberries in a pick your own, family friendly atmosphere.

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Bud Smith

The story of how Bud's Berries came to be is interesting and unique.  My father Edwin "Bud" Smith was an avid vegetable gardner for about 18-20 years and was an active Master Gardener.  Upon retiring from his career as an anesthetist, he decided to buy a piece of property on Hurricane Hill Road to spend his time doing what he loved - playing in the dirt and tending to his gardens.  Bud definitely had a green thumb and would often grow unusual vegetable varieties for fun.  One day, his wife, Wilma Smith, suggested he try growing blueberries.  Not being one to shy away from a challenge, Bud began researching and preparing for his accidental legacy.  In 1996, Bud's Berries was born when Bud decided to plant 100 blueberry bushes on his property.  Nothing Bud ever attempted was considered small scale.  In fact, as a young boy, I remember my father taking up massive amounts of space in our home starting his numerous vegetable plants from seed.  Every year after Christmas, our house smelled of fresh dirt and fertilizer as he began growing countless plants throughout our den.  Needless to say, my mother was extremely happy when he moved his entire operation outdoors in spring.  Soon after planting his first 100 blueberry plants, Bud planted another 100 doubling his total blueberry bush number.  As if this wasn't enough, he planted another 200 bushes bringing his total blueberry farm to 400 bushes.  Bud tended his farm for a number of years until his passing in 2006.  From 2006 to 2014, his daughter Susan Smith Tillman lovingly tended what he began.  In the later part of 2014, I joined the "family business" to help grow what our father started.  We look forward to introducing you and your family to one of the great joys of Bud's life, his blueberry farm.  My name is Brad Smith and I look forward to meeting you at Bud's Berries by Smith Farms!

You can not get Blueberries this fresh from a store!

We offer farm fresh Blueberries in a pick your own, family friendly atmosphere.  We also offer pre-picked Blueberries (when available), that are fresh and only days off the bush.  Please call for availability.


We do not spray any pesticides nor any other chemicals on our Blueberries and we encourage you to taste as you pick so you are sure to get exactly what you want!

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Our Business is seasonal and usually begins around the end of June and can last 2 or 3 months depending on the situations.